Lutron app concept
My re-design of Lutron’s (previous) home control app. While the new Lutron app is much better (albeit, less interactive than what I came up with), it's now clear the best ways to interact with home automation systems are not through app interfaces, but rather through voice control and OS-level controls, such as using Control Center on iOS to access HomeKit compatible accessories.
Scene select screen.
Room selector.
Lighting controller.
Device control pane.
Thermostat controller.
Shade controller. Slide up/down on blinds to open/close them.
Shade controller. Drag bottom of shades up/down to draw/open the shades.
Sonos app concept
The Sonos controller app* for the iPhone is a key component in using a Sonos music system. While it works well, I felt like it would be a good exercise to see if I could come up with a design that required less tapping and moving from screen to screen to use. 
*Since creating this concept, the app has seen a few major updates and now is much more modern and efficient.
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